Companies in the European Union

When looking for a suitable jurisdiction to set up a company within the European Union (EU), many clients experience certain difficulties in making a final decision in favor of one country or another. Of course, every European country offers numerous advantages, but also potential disadvantages. That is why we always recommend our customers to carefully evaluate and clarify their goals and requirements.

We have more than ten years of experience in establishing and maintaining companies worldwide. If you wish to incorporate a company, it is important to consider a number of factors in order to determine the jurisdiction that is most suitable for you. The Confidus team accompanies you every step of the way in founding your company and provides you with comprehensive support. We will set up a company remotely within the EU (with nominee services to protect your confidentiality), streamline your corporate taxes (including VAT) and achieve 0% dividend tax to save you money.

The EU is an intergovernmental economic union that aims to promote free trade and achieve economic stability, as well as a common European internal market stretching across the territory of the 28 EU member states. Establishing a company within the EU can therefore be a great opportunity for your business, not only in terms of access to this single market, but also as a means of minimizing taxes and other financial risks.

Understand EU companies In terms of incorporation, each country in the EU has certain specific advantages, not to mention particularities in terms of the legal procedures for setting up a business, which may differ between jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions offer relatively quick and accessible remote company formation and maintenance, while others do not have blacklisted offshore jurisdictions or offer a great opportunity to minimize taxation (sometimes even to 0%).

Benefits of establishing an EU company The EU is currently one of the most significant and reputable trading unions on the planet. Because of common European trade standards and legislation relating to finance and commerce, EU companies have a lot to offer in terms of accessability to the western market.

Key benefits:

Friendly tax authorities Understandable and predictable taxation system Opportunity to incorporate and maintain your company remotely Protection of confidentiality and nominee services 0% dividends taxation VAT status acquisition and tax optimisation There are other benefits of an EU-incorporated company as well:

Opportunity to make use of the European common internal market and apply tax and custom duty exemptions Free movement of labour within the EU presents the opportunity of finding highly skilled international specialists Application of European bookkeeping and auditing standards Numerous tax planning solutions Most of the EU jurisdictions are not on the offshore blacklist The EU has a long history, ensuring a good reputation and political stability

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