content on the site and not have buried pots of gold deeply nested within comments. I do think we are tackling important stuff.

You sort of ask for the bona fides of my presence on this site. I am an amateur of male-led sex. I stumbled on this site through sheer happenstance of poetic imagery, and I mean literally the words “taken in hand”—which, at that time, carried rich sentiment and meaning from a personal context quite unrelated (on the surface, at least) to their meaning here. Little girls taking my hand. Some day I will elaborate on that because it does bear a relation to the spirit of this site.

Initially, I read the site quite extensively, especially articles and comments posted by both Sarah and you. And I said to myself: self, these women know something about good sex. I bet I could teach them more. My core notion of male control is mostly one of erotic domination; clearly we have different notions of what is erotic, to each one's druthers.

I have been overwhelmed at the expressions of trust and vulnerability evidenced on this site. It is core to sharing a life with another and its lack has been a key disabling factor in my intimate relations over the past few years. Nutshell of optimal man/woman relations: woman as welcoming home to a man, man, firm bedrock guardian to her emotionality and sexuality.

I like dealing in a forum that has gotten past the clichés of gender feminism and relativist post-modern crapola. Mother Nature is not a feminist. There is Nature and, as men and women, we have natures. People here speak like grown up boys and girls. Ideological forums to which I sympathize are just too tame, civil, sensitive, and academically polite.

The posts I’ve generated are like the sport piano wires that spring out of my eyebrows when I am steeped in a writing project, frontal lobe sprouts of the cortical hustle and brussel. Toss offs and, to many, tossed salads.

My aversion to the words “dominance” and “conquest” comes first from any implication that

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